GAF Lifetime Roofing System

Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions takes pride in delivering a "manufactured quality" GAF Lifetime Roofing System all in record time. We finished 3 of our jobs last week by 1 pm (2/3 we were done by 12 pm.) To put this in perspective, we showed up at 7 am and we were completely finished demo-ing, installing and cleaning out job sites in just 5-6 hours. There is a reason we are the only 5-star rated roofer in town. We deliver the highest quality GAF roofing products, backed by an iron-clad 50-year/fully-transferable/best-in-industry warranty, and we do it all in 1 day- guaranteed (sometimes half a day.) Call us today for your free inspection-quote!

20 Best Atlanta Roofers in 2023

Proud to announce that Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions Llc. has been independently reviewed and blindly selected as a "Top 20 Atlanta Roofing Contractor for 2023." Thank dearly to all of our customers and contractors for making Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions one of the most trusted names in the the Atlanta roofing industry market. We provide high quality GAF roofing systems, protected by a best in industry 50 year GAF backed warranty at a price to fit any budget. Whether your home has been affected by the extreme hail of March 26th, or you just have an age worn roof don't delay and contact our award winning team at Atlanta ERS for your free in home, satellite generated quote today!

Color Choice

Choosing the right Roofing Contractor is only the first step in getting your new roofing system installed. Selecting the manufacturer of your shingles is the next step and shouldn't be taken lightly. Properly ventilating the roof, insulating, and mitigating for water intrusion should be addressed by using a certified GAF Roofing Contractor like Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions which provides a 50 year (fully transferable) Warranty on all GAF roofing systems. However the final step is selecting a color scheme that both adds contrast and blend simultaneously to give both your roof, and your (siding,windows,doors/paint) house that extra curb appeal/aesthetic makeover to make it really pop visually. Here's a little more about color choice from our Certified Manufacturer:

Considering colors for your new roof installation project, but having uncertainty? Here’s a really cool tool that GAF provides to help make that decision a little easier: Click Here!

Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts: Coming Together to Protect What Matters Most

Dawgs are on top again in 2022 and so is Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions with free inspections for your weathered and worn old roof. We got lucky missing this one BUT the next storm is just around the corner. We regularly get heavy winds and hail around Atlanta every spring so if your roof is leaking don't wait call Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions for a free inspection and quote today!

Congratulations Top Gun Rick Snell and to the team at Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions!

Atlanta Expert Roofing Solutions have been recognized as a Top Gun Gwinnett County and Oconee County roofing company by the County Advisory Board.

Roof Maintenance Is Key to Storm Preparation

Storm season can span the entire year, which means that roofs need the strength to protect families and homes from extreme weather events. Scheduling regular professional roof inspections and roof maintenance can help keep your roof storm-ready.

Roofing Design Trends for 2022

Do you have plans to replace the roof on your home in 2022? Has your current roof lived out its lifespan or perhaps suffered extensive damage, wear and tear? Before you make any decisions on the roof you choose, you may be interested to learn about the roofing design trends for 2022. Just like with interior and exterior design, roofing design also goes through various trends which can help make your home appear more modern, fresh and stylish. Here are three trends you may want to consider embracing.

What You Should Know About Roofing in 2022

A roof should last 20 or more years, depending on the materials and climate. A roof's longevity makes it a big decision for homeowners, whether they're replacing an existing roof or building a new home. Knowing which roofing materials are popular as we kick off 2022 can help you make successful recommendations to your customers.

How Contractors Can Use Marketing Tools and the GAF WeatherHub During Storm Season

This is for all the contractors, if your not GAF certified you may want to consider getting certified because GAF offers an array of tools to assist any roofer. Here's an article about GAF's Weather Tracking tool


Roofs are something that most people don't think about when designing a house. However, they can make or break your design choices. After all, when someone looks at the outside of your house, half of the picture is your roof.

The importance of properly ventilating a roof could be the difference between a 10-15 year replacement cycle vs. 30-50 years with a GAF HDZ Architectural Roof with a 50 year System Plus fully transferable warranty. Details matter with your roofing system and ventilation is often overlooked, especially by builders and general contractors. Here's an article from GAF for those still reading

You may not automatically consider attic and roof ventilation when replacing your home's roofing system. However, it's a key part of the process. Here's why roof ventilation matters and the role proper attic ventilation can play in your roofing system.